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Cheer Information

Our competitive cheer team will run approximately 8 months, from August 2024 to March 2025. Our teams will practice one to two days each week, anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on the age of the team. We hope to start our program strong with 1-4 teams: based off age eligibility and skill level. The program will compete in the later fall months and continue into spring time. We plan to participate in anywhere from 3-8 competitions a season, with a showcase at our building before the first performance of the year; to promote a fun and positive experience. This will allow us to bring in family and community support!

be part of a team that shines together


Team Princess Cut

The Princess Cuts from Midwest Diamond Athletics tiny novice team will serve as an introduction to All Star Cheer, ranging in ages 4 - 6 years old. The tiny novice program is fit for athletes just being exposed to the sport and will be less of a commitment than our prep & elite teams.

The Princesses


Team Radiant Cut

The Radiant Cuts from Midwest Diamond Athletics youth team will range in ages 8 - 12 years old. This All Star team will learn stunt and tumbling on a level 1 - 2, as prep or elite. Athletes will focus on strengthening technique and performance skills.

The Radiants


Team Marquise Cut

The Marquise Cut from Midwest Diamond Athletics senior team will range in ages 13-19 years old. This All Star team will will compete on a level based off of skills as a prep or an elite team.

This team is pending-based off interest

The Marquises


Team Brilliant Cut

The Brilliant Cuts from Midwest Diamond Athletics mini prep is designed to challenge our athletes skills who have little experience but ready to learn cheer. Our All Star Cheer team will range in ages 7-9 years old.

The Brilliants


Team Emerald Cut

The Emerald Cuts from Midwest Diamond Athletics will be our junior prep team, ranging in ages 9 -15 years old. With the possibility of advancing into an elite team. These athletes will be expected to learn and perform at an advanced level in stunting, tumbling, and jumping.

The Emeralds


Team Coaches

Your 2024-2025 cheer season coaches will include owner Brittaney Evans, mini's coach & marketer Natalie Meyer, cheer coach and privates instructor Molly Cupp, and tiny's coach Shelby Harmon. With additional skills clinics and privates to offer!

The Coaches

MDA Cheer Team

2024-2025 Cheer Season


Practices will began the first full week of August

Holiday Breaks: 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, December 23-26, New Year's Eve & Day

Summer Camps: May - July. This will offer our athletes a space to continue with skills, strengthening, and conditioning (motions, jumps, tumbling, and stunts) during their off season.

Choreography Camp: August (may include additional days outside of regular practice times)

Showcase & Team Photos: October (will be on the same day)

March: Marceline Talent Show
Current season will finish at end of March

April: Off month (this may potentially change in future years - if we advance to World's)

May: Team placement clinics for the next season/year

May - July will be off months for 

August: Official new cheer season begins


Try outs/Team placement clinics: FREE

USASF fee: $49 (this is to be eligible for All-Star Events)

Team practices/Tuition: Tiny novice $45. Mini prep $55. Youth-Senior prep/elite $65 monthly

Uniforms: Tiny novice around $150 and Mini-Senior around $300 

Black cheer shoes: $30-100 (depending on which website you purchase from)

Bow: $30

Make up: $30 

Team sponsor shirt: $25

Warm ups: $40 jacket (optional) & any black pants of your choice

Jersey (optional): $25 without rhinestones & $45 with rhinestones 

Black or Pink Backpacks (optional): $35 + $10 embroidered diamond & $10 child's name

Hair piece (optional): Straight pony tail $45

+ Competition, travel, & hotel fees


Tiny Novice: 1 day per week, 1 hour practice. Thursday 5 - 6pm

Mini Prep: 1-2 days per week, 1-1.5 hour practice(s). Tuesday 5 - 6:30pm and every other Thursday 5 - 6pm (this will overlap with the Tiny team - the building is big enough for both)

Youth: 2 days per week, 1:45 hour practices. Monday & Wednesday 4:45 - 6:30

Junior: 2 days per week, 1:45 hour practices. Monday & Wednesday 6:45 - 8:30

Senior: TBD (we may combine a youth and junior team - making the senior team practice on M/W)

Stunting is defined as building performances that display a team's skill or dexterity with a group of two or more athletes. They will learn to lift, throw, and spin teammates into the air.

Tumbling is an acrobatic floor skill each athlete will learn on an individual level.

Each cheerleader will also learn a number of different jumps, we will work on perfecting.


Potential Competitions: 5-9 a season     **some competitions will require travel & hotel fees**


Diamond Showcase in Marceline: 10/2024

Global in Sedalia: 11/9/2024

Global in Kansas City: 12/7/2024

America's Best in Kansas City: 12/14/2024 (all teams besides Tiny)

Global in Sedalia: 1/18/2025 

Redline Global in Kansas City: 2/8/2025

Spirit Sports in Kansas City: 2/18/2024 & 2/19/2025 (all teams besides Tiny)

Athletic Championships in Kansas City: 3/1/2025 & 3/2/2025 (all teams besides Tiny)

JamFest in St. Charles: 3/15/2025 

Redline in Kansas City: 3/29/2025

Talent Show in Marceline: In March (potentially)


Level 1: Beginner level with minimal or no cheerleading experience. No tumbling or stunting experience required.

Level 2: Some cheerleading experience preferred. Tumbling - standing back handspring and/or round off back handspring required. Round off back handspring series, and toe touch back handspring would be a plus. Flyers - cradle from two leg stunt, body position. Prep level one-leg stunts. Straight ride basket.

Level 3: Competitive cheer, dance, or gymnastics training preferred. Tumbling - round off back tuck, round off back handspring back tuck, and toe touch back handspring. Standing series, and punch front. Flyers - straight cradle, twist from two leg stunt, body position, one skill basket. 

Level 4: Competitive cheer or gymnastics training required. Tumbling - standing tuck, round off back handspring series with a layout highly preferred. Specialty passes including layout step outs, x-outs, whips and punch fronts would be a plus. Flyers - twist from one legged extended stunt, two skill basket, hyper extended body positions, double down.

Level 5-6: Competitive cheer or gymnastics training required. Tumbling - standing series ending in a full. Multiple jump sequence ending in a standing back tuck, round-off flip flop full. Specialty skills: whips, front step outs, multiple twisting skill passes, and double fulls. Flyers - double down from one legged stunt, hyper-extended body position, tic toc, full ups, kick double basket.

Sadie F

"Can't wait for this cheer team in Marceline!"

Berkley M

"Brittaney is the best coach. She is very nice and helpful."

Kori R

"I'm excited for this season and Brittaney to coach."

Tumbling Information

Tumbling classes will be offered 1x a week for $35 a month

or $10 one time drop in fee

This is for CHEER TEAM MEMBERS ONLY during season

Please see our tumbling page for information on classes offered, separate from our CHEER TEAMS!

Our Shining Athletes

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