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MDA Coaches


Brittaney Evans

Owner - Cheer Coach - Privates Instructor

Welcome everyone, to Midwest Diamond Athletics. We are so excited to bring this new Premier Program to our rural areas.

My name is Brittaney Evans, and I currently reside in Brookfield MO. I graduated from Trenton (the better bulldogs) and located to the town my husband grew up in. We have three kids, Rhylan, Ivan, and Annistyn. I am on year ten as a certified Registered Nurse in Labor and Delivery, some recently at Hedrick Medical Center, and currently now traveling. 

My cheerleading experience began in Oregon, where I was born and raised majority of my childhood. I competed on many All-Star teams, moving up through Senior Level 5. As a member of KC Cheers, we competed at largely known nationals and were finalist at The Cheerleading Worlds in Orlando, making top 20 both years I was a part of their gym. 

I started coaching my daughter Annistyn and her teammates through Blaze Cheer in the fall of 2023. Her excitement fueled my love for competitive cheerleading all over again! I wanted to build a program that supported my daughter's confidence in the sport. The opportunity for growth, provided by knowledge and skills built from the basics. Making sure we are strengthening her passion through a positive and loving environment. We knew this wasn't an option unless we made it reality. MDA was established by a few cheer moms (with a lot of love and experience) to better support our daughters and sons in a safe space!

MDA is building our Diamond Family and we hope to meet you soon!


Natalie Meyer

Team & Website Coordinator - Cheer Coach

Welcome, my name is Natalie Meyer and I reside in Marceline with my husband and 3 children. I am a full time employee as a Registered Dental Hygienist and teach dental hygiene board review on the side; but being a part of this organization and offering high quality coaching to these young athletes has recently occupied all my spare time!

The sport of cheerleading has been my one and only passion since my peewee years. Competing in team gymnastics as a child and coaching it as a teenager, the tumbling part of cheer always interested me; but essentially, stunting had my heart. Being a flyer for over 8 years, I plan on sharing that knowledge and skill set with these young athletes. On top of coaching gymnastics, I also coached for Blaze (competitive cheer team) during its first couple of years as a new program. Throughout my high school cheerleading career, I had the privilege of cheering alongside Molly Cupp (co-cheer coach for MDA) on two 1st place state titles and one 3rd place state title.

My daughter has been a part of a competitive cheer team for 2 years now, and I can not describe how much I love watching this sport. These athletes are going to accomplish big things!


Shelby Harmon

Cheer Coach

My name is Shelby Harmon and I reside at Lake Nehai with my husband Ethan and our three wonderful children. Cheerleading has been a passion of mine since. my early years. During college, i was fortunate to be a part of a coed squad at Central Methodist University; which further fueled my love for the sport. I graduated from Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph with my bachelor's degree in nursing and subsequently pursued my masters degree in nursing from the same institution. Currently, I am employed at Moberly Area Community College, serving as the Instructor/Coordinator for the Virtual Associate's Degree in Nursing program. Now, as a cheerleading coach, I am thrilled to contribute to the development of our communities youth; conveying to them the essential skills and values of cheerleading and gymnastics. Together, inspiring and empowering the next generation of athletes!

Molly Cupp

Cheer Coach - Privates Instructor

My name is Molly Cup and I live in Marceline with my husband and our three children. I started competing in gymnastics as a child, falling in love with the sport. When I stopped competing in gymnastics, I continued tumbling, which led to cheering in middle school and high school. We competed in high school, winning state twice and a 3rd place finish.

From high school I tried out and made the Universal Cheer Associated team ("UCA" and organization that teacher proper technique on all things cheer.) I traveled to multiple states in the North Central region, for two summers, teaching camps to middle school and high school cheer squads. I then went out to cheer for the University of Missouri, while attending college at MU.

I have spent most of my adult life in the world of cheer. I began working at the North Central Missouri YMCA as the gymnastics coordinator continuing the gymnastics and All Star cheerleading programs. I worked for the Y a total of 10 years as the gymnastics coordinator, program director, and executive director. 

Currently my daughters are in gymnastics and have interest in competitive cheerleading which leads me wanting to better our programs locally!


and truly treasure every moment with them

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